heart bird ~ painting

40×50cm, mixed media on canvas panel

A few times a month estonian postmen delivered local newspapers to our apartment, featuring news from our parish that neither of us could read. Respecting paper resources, typography and the postal effort, I tried to find some other uses for them in our household. For instance, i covered the table with them while painting and we filled our wet shoes with them on rainy days.
Getting news updates in some unknown language was quite curios, like all these events happened in a parallel life or another universe. It was nice to have dry shoes, but I was quite sure these newspapers had a much greater potential.  

I wanted to capture this period of our mutual life in my canvas without showing the white walls, nor wooden dining table, nor high pines outside our windows, nor magpies who enjoyed sitting on their branches and teasing our cats, nor pale green tea cups that we got from the local second hand shop by accident and they turned out to be vintage, nor neat and tidy orange trains, “next stop: Rahumae”, nor our home made pizza, nor bright and crispy white snow, nor dreams of our future life together. None of that. 

In fact, all these things found their places in this canvas which simply shows a red bird sitting on a hand somewhere close to the heart.
We are vulnerable to the future, but as long as this bird appears as a heart, we have this future—at least.