winter under the blanket ~ painting

This is a story about a winter dream. A long-lasting sleep where everything slows down. Even thoughts.

Hidden within this dreamy velvet cocoon, are houses, gardens and roads. Sleepy apple and chestnut trees, sleepy snow covered benches, sleepy ice-cold sun, sleepy cats on the window sill. In this snowy silence, I can hear grass sleeping under the snow blanket.
Only trains, crows and the chinese wind chimes in the gardens stay awake. The colder it gets, the louder the trains, the crow croaking and songs of the wind become.

It would be nice to grab a mug of cacao and get under a blanket. To sleep a little more while waiting for spring to come. 

My sources of inspiration:

~ hand carfted birdy earrings that I bought at the local art market in Minsk, Belarus 
~ watching my cats sleep; they look so warm and cosy

~ winter views of the village in Estonia where I currently live
~ Polina Cherkasova's performance. she is an estonian storyteller, musician and anthropologist who combines tales of different cultures with her music. she uses different rare instruments, each of which has its own story. I've seen her performing twice: a small set during Medieval Days in Tallinn and a presentation of her most recent album Linnulood (Bird stories). These were soulful moments filled with pure joy, warmth and magic!