Rock Karaoke ~ poster design

This poster was designed to promote a weekly karaoke event at a local bar in St. Petersburg,  Russia.

The requirements for this task were pretty strict, a few of which I listed below:
• create a minimalistic and timeless RRROCK! design
• use a black and white theme + bright accents (preferably yellow or red)
• use text and clipart only
• make the subject (SINGING) bright and clear
• make it suitable for print and digital promotion

This design has real rock spirit! I like the balanced and symetrical composition, it's minimalistic yet informative and the main details are written in English, so this poster is suitable for both locals and tourists.

I like how it catches the eye, whether it's printed as a large poster, flyer or used as digital promotion. If you have such a poster for your business, your clients definitely won't miss it!