recipe book ~ brochure design

Recipe book of my design for a turkey meat manufacturer from Moscow, Ru.
This is a brand for people who choose a healthy and balanced diet and enjoy trying sophisticated recipes.

I was provided with the brand guidelines and all the texts. The goal was to create a contemporary appetising design that catches the eye and meets the brand guidelines.

brand's original package design (2018–present time). for further details, please visit:

So, picked the curve and the stylised floral graphics that were in use in other designs and developed this idea. My objective was to keep a balance between the clear minimalist recipe structure and the bright pictures of the dishes.

the introduction spread
some spread examples, first version of the booklet (square)

At first, the format was square (210×210mm) and after which the brochure was redesigned as A5.

final design (A5), introduction
some spread examples, final A5 design