car parts ~ catalogue design

Here's a catalogue I designed for a car part company MetalPart based in Ulyanovsk, RU. They specialise in manufacturing parts for Russian car brands such as the legendary UAZ

Photo by Anastasia Sorokina on Unsplash

The Ulyanovsk Automobile Plant (UAZ) is known all over the country and abroad as a manufacturer of SUVs, light commercial vehicles and vans. The plant’s products, especially SUVs, have proven themselves as reliable cars with exceptional off-road capability for use in almost all climates.  

photo by Anastasia Sorokina on Unsplash

My goal was to design an A6 catalogue suitable to represent their whole range of products. I was provided with all the texts, tables and the version of logo that was currently in use before rebranding (summer 2018).

Visual key:
I chose a minimalist concept based on the brand colours: dark grey, white and yellow. Black & white images of UAZ suited the strong character of the cars and the brand in general. Adding bright yellow accents gave it a fresh touch and made it look more contemporary. Technical brochures don’t have to be boring!

The catalogue has lots of technical schematics, descriptions and tables. This required a clear, structured and precise approach. I chose to strengthen this theme by adding a half-title page before each section.  

the sign says: “extended warranty 3 years”

Special details:
Pages numbers were marked with yellow triangles to add some dynamics, which make reference to the triangle-like elements in the cover, tying it all together.
To finish, I added a composition of triangles as an ending piece to use where it's needed.
I think it’s important to keep themes running throughout. 

yellow trinagles as page number markers and a composition of triangles as an ending piece to develop this idea
front and rear cover. keeping the same theme running from first to last page

P.S. To learn more about MetalPart and UAZ itself, please visit and