about me

Hello! My name is Yana Soulstamina. I am a graphic designer and visual artist. I specialise in creating ready-to-print materials such as business cards, leaflets, books and everything in-between.

Here you will find examples of both my personal and professional projects: the things I like and am able to create. And if you're interested to know a little more you can also view my CV here

My inspiration:

The world seems to me an endless canvas where every small episode is a significant part of an infinitely big picture. And infinitely beautiful! I find joy in simple things: sunny mornings, coffee with milk, smells of freshly cut grass and apple pie, shells at the seaside. I’m fond of reading books, exploring new cities, painting, taking pictures and listening to music on vinyls. These impressions are reflected in my work.

About my approach:

I am sure that good design can make the world a better place. Sometimes all we need is a little inspiration.

Bringing chaos into order is my strong suit. I create simple and elegant structures so that all of the information in conveyed without distraction.

sensitivity and thoughtfulness

I study the different aspects of each task and the brand itself in order to define the most important things to express visually in my design
skills and background

I am constantly developing and acquiring new skills, both professionally and personally. It helps me think out of the box and enables my creativity to flourish.
I’m a competent English speaker and native Russian. This allows me to communicate with clients around the world and enrich my knowledge by exploring world art and trends in both languages.
productive communication

I am always striving for mutual understanding and ambition. This requires regular and meaningful communication.

I’m interested in solving problems and getting the best results. I care about every project I work on.

If I sound like someone you'd like to work with, please let me know via e-mail